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Denture Solutions

We recognize that while dentures are a valuable solution for restoring smiles, they can present certain difficulties. From the frustration of slipping or uncomfortable fit to limitations on enjoying your favorite foods, we empathize with the concerns you may be facing. Dental implants provide a secure foundation for your denture, eliminating worries of slippage or discomfort.

Through a minimally invasive procedure, our doctors will place implants in your jaw, allowing your denture to snap into place with precision. This solution not only restores your ability to enjoy your favorite foods but also revitalizes your confidence to laugh, speak, and engage in social situations without hesitation. Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional dentures and embrace the convenience and security that dental implants bring to your smile. Your journey to a more carefree and fulfilling denture experience starts here.

Implant supported denture diagram

1 Titanium implants

2 or 4 titanium posts are implanted and positioned to maximize denture support.

2 Locator™ abutments

These abutments are permanently fixed to the implants and provide attachment points for the denture.

3 Denture

Custom designed dentures are securely attached to the abutments. The dentures are removable, but when attached, are secure and will not move or shift at all.

New dentures

Converting existing dentures

Steps for implant supported dentures

  1. Consultation and examination

    At your first visit, we will discuss your goals and expectations and examine your mouth. We will offer you all treatment options, including all options not implant based. You will be given a proposed treatment plan and the costs for that treatment. If you choose to proceed with treatment, a 3D CBCT scan, digital scans and photos will be taken to plan and prepare for your treatment. We will work with your denturist who will make the denture for you. If you do not have a denturist, we will refer you to one.

  2. Surgery

    A minor surgical procedure where the dental implants are placed in the gum and bone, often in less than an hour. The area will be fully anesthetized so you don’t feel any pain. Your new denture will be inserted for you to use.

  3. 3-4 months of healing

    The implants requires 3-4 months to heal and fully integrate with the bone before securing the dentures. We will see you periodically to monitor your healing. During this time, you will use your denture to chew, but it will not be attached to the implants until the healing is complete.

  4. Attachment of the denture to the implants

    Once the healing is complete, we will place the attachment to the implants. You will see your denturist who will attach the denture to the implants. You are ready to smile and chew with your newly secured denture.

Benefits of implant secured dentures

Dentures icon Improved comfort by removing much of the denture off the roof of your mouth
Apple icon Enjoy the foods you love with improved taste
Armchair icon Get a comfortable,more secure fit
Slipping icon No slipping or falling out
Strength icon Preserve bone structure and prevent bone loss
Implant supported denture


Starting at $8,000

The treatment fee includes:

  • Complete oral evaluation
  • Cone-Beam 3D scan and any additional x-rays and scans
  • All extractions if needed
  • Oral moderate sedation (IV sedation at additional cost)
  • 2-4 Implants per arch and locator abutment
  • Snap-in with denture with a licensed denturist
  • 5 year limited warranty