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Financial Information

Your Dental Insurance Plan

Your Dental Insurance Benefits are a great resource to help you get the treatment you need. But they can be tricky and confusing to understand. Our administrative team members are experts at helping you understand your plan and maximizing your benefits. Bring your benefits booklet or a printout of your online package to your appointment and we can decipher it for you.

We want to make it easy! Choose one of three options.

Option 1 - Payment at time of service

You pay for the full cost of your treatment and we will submit an electronic dental claim to your insurer, who will reimburse you within a couple of days.

Option 2 - Direct Billing

We can accept assignment of your dental benefits. This means we will directly bill your insurer for the covered portion of your treatment and you only pay any co-pay or uncovered portion. Note that we will require a credit card number to be left on file to cover any amount outstanding after 60 days.

If you would like to know if a specific treatment will be covered by your insurer, we can send a pre-determination to your insurer to see what they will cover.

For patients with two dental plans we can submit your claims to both companies and coordinate your benefits on your behalf.

Option 3 - Payment Plans

Paybright is a third party financing firm that offers no interest, low interest and long term payment plans to help you get your treatment you need sooner rather than later. You can apply online directly or in our office.

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Your dental insurance is a contract between you and your insurer. You are responsible for any portion of a claim that isn’t paid by your insurance. Note that we don’t accept benefits from Ontario Works, Ontario Disability, WSIB, and First Canadian Health. We do accept children who are covered by the Healthy Smiles Program.