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Full Mouth Implant Bridge

If you struggle with dentures or about to go into dentures, you may consider a treatment option that eliminates dentures altogether. Full-Mouth Dental Implants are the gold standard of dental implants, a specialized dental implant solution for missing or failing teeth. No other option looks, feels and functions more like natural teeth than a full mouth implant bridge. In a matter of hours, we will give you a brand new, healthy, strong, permanent smile. With as few as 4 implants, we can replace an entire arch of teeth. You benefit from a minimally invasive, shorter surgery, and a beautiful, natural looking smile.

Fixed denture diagram

1 Titanium implants

4 to 6 implants are placed in specifically designed positions to maximize bridge support.

2 Abutments

The abutments are attached to the implants and will be secure the new bridge.

3 Denture

A custom designed zirconium porcelain bridge is attached to the abutments. They are permanently fixed and only removable by the dentist for cleanings and inspections.

Implant bridge

Steps for a full mouth implant bridge

  1. Consultation and examination

    At your first visit, we will discuss your goals and expectations and examine your mouth. We will offer you all treatment options, including all options not implant based. You will be given a proposed treatment plan and the costs for that treatment. If you choose to proceed with treatment, a 3D CBCT scan, digital scans and photos will be taken to plan and prepare for your treatment.

  2. Implant placement surgery

    A surgical procedure where the dental implants are placed in the gum and bone, often taking 2-3 hours. The area will be fully anesthetized and you will be deeply sedated so you don’t feel any pain. A fixed temporary bridge will be attached to the implant. You leave our office with fixed teeth!

  3. 3-4 months of healing

    The implants require 3-4 months to heal and fully integrate with the bone. We will see you periodically to monitor your healing. During this time, you will use your temporary fixed bridge to chew, but you will be limited to a soft diet, to prevent damage to the healing implants.

  4. Final bridge insertion

    Several appointments will be needed to customize and design your final porcelain bridge that will allow you to chew all the foods you love without fear or hesitation. You will be proud to show off your new smile!

Benefits of a full mouth implant bridge

Mirror icon Look and feel like you have natural teeth
Dentures icon Fixed teeth that are not removable
Apple icon Eat all the foods you love with confidence and improved taste
Voice balloon icon Improved speech
Strength icon Preserve bone structure and prevent bone loss
Fixed denture

Full Arch Fixed Implant Bridge

Starting at $25,000

The treatment fee includes:

  • Complete oral evaluation
  • Cone-Beam 3D CT scan and any additional x-rays and scans
  • All extractions if needed
  • IV deep sedation
  • 4-6 implants per arch
  • Fixed interim implant prosthesis
  • Final zirconium porcelain prosthesis
  • 5 year limited warranty